lunes, marzo 02, 2009

El Centro Cultural Minerva Mirabal te invita este domingo 8

The Minerva Mirabal Foundation

Since November 2000\839 Riverside Drive, Suite#2G

New York, NY 10032

Phone (212) 568-0622

  Minerva Mirabal, Inc., invites you to celebrate its annual event at Ambaroom located at 3795 10th Avenue, on Sunday, March 8, 2009, at 6:00 pm.  We have the privilege of representing and honoring the importance of women among our societies through our international Women’s day cultural event. As an organization that advocates leadership among women, we gather annually to commemorate the contributions of five dynamic women leaders in the Dominican Community.

 This event attracts high achieving, recognized leaders and the media committed to building bridges in the Hispanic society. Since the organizations inspection, we have planned a number of events that have helped Latinos become aware of outstanding individuals that have capabilities of opening doors, not only for themselves but for the entire Latino sector. This cultural event gathers more than 300 guests, which showcases how women continue to flourish, as an attempt to keep the Dominican culture alive in and beyond the Inwood and Washington Heights area.

 As an organization we continue to challenge our limits. Therefore, Minerva Mirabal, Inc. needs your support to continue protecting and serving our Hispanic Community. Please mark Sunday, March 18 2009 on your calendar. Your participation makes a significant impact on our event and our community. For more information, please visit, and

 Sincerely yours,

Carlos Leiter


Nota en Español

El Centro Cultural Minerva Mirabal, Inc., te invita a ti y a los tuyos a celebrar con nosotros el evento anual en Ambaroom, localizado en el 3795 10th Avenida, el próximo Domingo, Marzo 8, 2009, a las 6:00 pm.  Tenemos el privilegio de rendir honor a la importancia de las mujeres en el mundo actual por medio de nuestra celebración del Dia Internacional de la Mujer.


Como una organización que procura por el liderazgo entre las mujeres, nos reunimos anualmente para conmemorar dicho dia, y reconocer el aporte de cinco (5) de nuestras mujeres líderes de la comunidad Dominicana en Nueva York.

Te Esperamos.
Carlos Leiter

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